Struggling for transport? Our volunteers arranged over 24 500 journeys for Stratford on Avon District residents last year. Be part of our journey as a volunteer driver or use our community transport service yourself.


Call 01789 262886 or 01789 296344 between 9:30am and 1pm to book a car or volunteer!


Would you like your community to be able to access volunteer led services? Helping to develop community groups and other non profits set up needed services is part of what we do so, get in touch!


We support community groups and organisations with funding, policies, contracts, volunteering, evaluation, set up and management of services.

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VASA works with residents to provide community services including wheelchair loans, community transport, support and volunteer recruitment, social activities, befirending and respite care.


If you’d like us to help  your community, get in touch!


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We arrange wheelchair loans for short and long term to help residents and tourists in the Stratford on Avon district be more mobile. Having the right wheelchair for your needs is important, especially if you’re sightseeing!


We don’t charge a fee for this service, it is run by volunteers and donations.

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VASA – Voluntary Action Stratford on Avon District – is a local charity offering volunteer led community services since 1978.

We provide community transport, wheelchair loans, community activities and services to isolated and vulnerable people in the Stratford on Avon District community. We also support and advise other non profits and community groups.

Our aim is to help communities in Stratford on Avon District overcome loneliness and isolation. The services we help set up, fund and manage are proven to improve health and wellbeing and support independent living. It started with our community transport service which now assists over ten thousand local residents. We also offer:

Wheelchair loans | Support and advice to community groups and organisations | Volunteer Recruitment and support | Community Development Projects | Carer Respite Services | Befriending | Community Activities | Community Events

If you’d like to find out more about our organisation please contact us at info@vasa.org.uk

Latest News and Stories

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One of the many wonderful things about working in a charity like VASA (Voluntary Action Stratford on Avon District) is that you get to hear and see so many wonderful stories unfolding. The residents of the Stratford on Avon District are incredibly thoughtful and...

How Your Donations Are Used

Journeys completed April - Dec 16

Wheelchair Loans

Volunteers Attracted

Groups supported April - Dec 16

  • Volunteer Transport 42%
  • Support Services 17%
  • Volunteer Recruitment 27%
  • Wheelchair Loans 11%

Welcome to VASA – Voluntary Action Stratford-on-Avon District

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