Vasa is a small charity making a big impact in our local communities. A real lifeline for people when we are needed. If you want to help us in our efforts, please consider Vasa as a beneficiary of your goodwill.

Your legacy makes a difference, it will help our community transport service, Memory Clubs & carers' respite care, wheelchair loans, carers' café, allotments. Every penny of your money will go directly into the charity's care for your community.

Thank you

Helpful VASA volunteer looking after an older woman

Community Activities

Memory Clubs

We will post activities on our website and social media. Please follow us on  Facebook @VASAcharity to receive these updates, also for information about our Mobile Warm Hub service and feel-good stories.

Helpful VASA volunteer looking after an older woman
Vasa community transport volunteer helping a client out of the car

Community Transport Service

To request transport please call us on 01789 262889 and press option 1, out of hours or during busier periods, please leave your name and contact number. Alternatively, email transport@vasa.org.uk or use our online form by clicking on the book a journey link below. 

Community Transport covers Rugby Borough and the Stratford and Warwick districts.

Vasa community transport volunteer helping a client out of the car



“Thank you very much VASA you made me feel safe and secure” - Community Transport user

Wheelchair Loans

Pushy Friends wheelchair loan service is up and running again.

Suggested donation of £20 will help to maintain our wheelchairs. Please email: transport@vasa.org.uk or call: 01789 262889 for details.

ppe equipment in use of voluntary transport journeys

The Plan B Government Covid 19 restrictions have been reviewed and we have taken guidance and we continue with the information from 19 July 2021: https://www.warwickshire.gov.uk/news/article/2285/open-letter-from-health-partners-about-covid-guidance-from-july-19-

Covid 19 has not gone away and with rising cases in the area, we have made the decision to continue with our current protocols in order to protect the health and wellbeing of those who use our services, our volunteers and our staff, many of whom come under the Clinically Extremely Vulnerable group.

Therefore, we will continue with the following:

  • Face coverings must be worn by our volunteers and passengers within the community transport service
  • Good ventilation, this includes windows open in vehicles and offices
  • Frequent hand washing or the use of hand sanitiser
  • Strict cleaning procedures
  • Social distancing of 1 metre plus
  • Visitors to the office must be by appointment only

We will review this regularly and continue to take advice.

Why I Volunteer

“Volunteer driving has been a lifeline for me. My wife died last summer, and for a time I was feeling lonely and bereft. But Vasa welcomed me with open arms and now I drive three journeys a week. This is a vital service for the community and has made a huge difference to my life as well!”

John Jackson, Volunteer Driver

vasa volunteer
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