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Our volunteer community transport is open from 9:30am – 3pm, Monday to Friday. This service helps local people stay mobile by offering journeys to both medical and social destinations. It’s a service developed for residents of Stratford on Avon District including rural areas and borders. It’s a safe and affordable service. If you find it hard to access transport, call us!

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Reliable Service

All our volunteer drivers have valid licences, are DBS checked, interviewed and have ID. They wait for you so you know who’s picking you up.

Medical Journeys

We take people all over the country to medically related appointments from Stratford District. You’ll travel with a trusted volunteer driver who will wait for you or we will arrange a pick up after your treatment.

Social Inclusion

We offer community transport for social outings too covering journeys to clubs, community groups, activities and family gatherings.

What Does It Cost?

Our volunteer drivers ask for 45p per mile to cover their costs. VASA ask for a £2 admin fee to help us sustain the service. This covers admin and telephones, volunteer recruitment and part time staff. The fees are paid to your driver. We confirm all the details with you and your volunteer driver.  Up to 2 hours of waiting time is included in the cost of your booking. If your appointment will take longer, let us know and we’ll arrange a later pick up or see if the driver can wait longer.

We’ve taken people far and wide for medical appointments at hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, dentists’ surgeries and day centres across Stratford District and we regularly take people to the hospitals in Coventry, Birmingham and Oxford. On occasion, drivers have gone as far as London and Liverpool.

Now we also take people to social engagements if they are house bound or simply find it hard to access public transport or live in rural and isolated areas. Overcoming isolation and loneliness by getting out and about is proven to help with well being and it promotes independent living!

We need at least three days’ notice to arrange a journey.  If you’re unsure if we can help, just call us and ask.

01789 262889

Monday – Friday 9.30am – 3pm

What Our Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our volunteer transport clients do the talking!

“It’s good to know that this option is available here in Stratford because I don’t drive anymore and my wife needs to get to hospital appointments.  We also like going out a bit to do shopping and sometimes for afternoon tea. The drivers are very good about getting us there on time and nothing’s too much bother.”

Robert M.

“VASA’s community transport has helped a lot since my mum is living with us. She still needs to feel independent and this service allows her to get out and about when we’re not around to take her. It’s invaluable to us as a family and it makes mum happier to know they’re there. Can’t thank them enough really.

Mary S.

I first started using the VASA volunteer drivers a couple of years back when I wasn’t very well. It was mostly for doctors appointments which are sometimes hard to get to with the buses not running so much now and if you live out of town it’s even harder. Now I use them to get to other places too like my daughter’s house or the dentist. It’s a very useful service and affordable which helps!

George R.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Book A Journey?

Book a journey by calling one of our offices.

Stratford upon Avon office:  Between 9:30 and 1pm, Monday to Friday on 01789 296344 or 01789 262886

Shipston on Stour office: Between 10am – 12pm, Monday to Friday on 01608 663122

NOTE: Journeys arranged directly between clients and drivers are not insured.

When you phone us, we’ll take your contact details and the details of the journey.  We ask for three to five working days’ notice of a journey, but we do understand that transport is sometimes required more urgently and that medical appointments are sometimes arranged at short notice.  In these instances we will do our best to find a driver, but we cannot promise that we will.  It is unlikely that we will be able to find you a driver with less than three days’ notice.

It’s important that when you book the journey you let us know of any special circumstances, e.g. if you need a wheelchair when you get to your destination, if someone will be coming with you, if you have difficulty getting in and out of the car or if you are in receipt of benefits.

A day or two before the journey we’ll phone you to let you know the driver’s name and the pick-up time. If you have an email address please give that to our phone operator too.

How Much Does A Journey Cost?

Our fantastic volunteers give their time for free, but receive a mileage rate and all other out of pocket expenses, e.g. parking charges.

Clients are expected to pay the driver 45p per mile from when the driver leaves their home to when they return back to their home.  For clients in receipt of certain benefits, a proportion of what the driver is owed may be claimed from the destination, e.g. certain hospitals will pay benefit expenses, but the client will need to pay the remainder.

For journeys of 6 miles or less the driver’s expenses are a flat £3.

In addition to the driver’s 45p per mile VASA applies a small administration fees to all journeys.  These charges help towards the administration of the service covering costs of telephone lines, calls, stationery, office space, computers, volunteer recruitment, advertising and part time staff.  The telephone operator will confirm the administration fee with you when you call to book a journey.

Can Anyone Become A Volunteer Driver With VASA?

Anyone can become a volunteer driver with VASA, so long as they fulfil the following criteria:

  • They have a minimum of 3 years’ driving experience.
  • They are under the age of 80* *Exceptions apply.
  • They have a full UK driving licence with no more than 6 penalty points on it.
  • They have had no more than three accidents or one disqualification in the last three years.
  • They have a vehicle that is insured for volunteer driving (most insurers do not apply a premium for this).
  • They have a vehicle with a current MOT certificate (if applicable)
  • They are willing to undergo an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service Check.
What Is A Social Inclusion Journey?

We are a local charity providing volunteer community transport to isolated and vulnerable people in the Stratford upon Avon District and borders. Many people find it difficult to access public or private transport and don’t get out and about as often as they should.

Staying home for prolonged periods leads to loneliness and in many cases depression. Depression is known to hasten the onset of dementia and increase the likelihood of a person developing other illnesses such as high blood pressure, obesity and anxiety. Research tells us that isolation and loneliness is best treated with a balance of a good social life, healthy nutrition and exercise.

We aim to combat loneliness and isolation with our voluntary services, which improve health and wellbeing and support independent living.  To get started, our community transport helps get people out to those places that can help them. This could be visiting with a friend, going to a doctors appointment, having a much needed haircut or having lunch or tea in a beautiful setting.

Social inclusion is a vital part of our daily health requirement!

How Many Journeys Did We Complete in 2015?

VASA volunteer community drivers undertook over 24 500 journeys for Stratford on Avon District residents in 2015.

This year we want to double that! If you know someone who is rurally or physically isolated, tell them about our service and ensure you give them the right telephone number to book a journey!  It could be the start of something wonderful for them.

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