ODESSA: Optimising Care Models


The study will seek to investigate current long-term care delivery models for older people by exploring the relationships between their living arrangements and living environment, and the design of care delivery from technological, financial, political and social perspectives.

It is an international study but in the United Kingdom Stratford upon Avon (Wellesbourne and Bishopston) and Norwich have been chosen for study. VASA is recruiting volunteer interviewers and interviewees.


The Challenge

VASA were asked to recruit 40 volunteers for a research project that is already six months behind schedule.  Twenty as volunteer interviewers and twenty as interviewees or community interviewers. The volunteers need to be within Wellesbourne and/or Bishopton. The interviewers task is to find out what social and community networks people have. The challenge is to:

  • Attract the volunteers
  • Ensure they are willing to give 20 hours of their time to the project
  • Ensure they will attend the meetings and the two full day training
  • DBS check the volunteers
  • Match them with interviewees
  • Ensure safe keeping of the data

The Solution

VASA have a vast database of volunteers and clients who use our well established community transport service. We emailed our volunteer drivers and asked all 152 of them if they’d like to participate. We also emailed our clients to ask them the same question. In addition, we advertised the volunteer opportunities on social media using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as well as local forums. We’re busy collating those that have applied!

Volunteers Emailed

Volunteers Responded

Volunteers Recruited

People Interviewed

Recruited 40 volunteers

In Location

The Challenge was to recruit all the volunteers from two small towns in Warwickshire i.e. Wellesbourne and Bishopton.

All over 55

The challenge was to attract and recruit volunteers over the age of 55.

Willing to Give Time

The Challenge was to get them to pledge 20 hours minimum as well as two full days in training!

Rethink Volunteer Recruitment

We rethought how to recruit volunteers for this demanding research project in record time as the project was six months behind the original plan. Using our extensive database, we were able to give this client what they needed in record time!

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