The following are a selection of Development opportunities for you to look through. There are some which are relatively simple (basic) and at the end of this article there are a group of more ‘advanced’ bits of training and advice you can look at bar one event which is on 4th February. Please do take a look at them as if they are not ‘important’ to you at present, they could/will be very soon – possibly in just a few months.

To start: these are town bits of support that are also on our ‘Funding’ post – please ignore if you have already looked at that article

Small charities fundraising training programme

Charities can sign up for a range of training opportunities through the Government small charities fundraising training programme.

The programme, worth over £100,000, will provide expert training to small charities from February to June 2016. It will help charities with an annual income of up to £1 million to generate more income to support their vital work.

They will provide training opportunities for small charities, from face-to-face training, to intensive one-to-one advice sessions, skilled volunteering matches and webinars. These will cover topics including:

developing a fundraising strategy
fundraising from trusts and foundations
developing corporate relationships

The Transform Foundation

A new fund to help charities to provide investment in digital – a better (the best) – web site a charity can have for its overall web presence

For full details of this NEW fund CLICK HERE


MORE ADVANCED ROI – for your Marketing

This is a webinar provided by a commercial company (Newscred) which is tomorrow 4th February. It is FREE to attend and all you have to do in return is to provide some contact details. By doing so, you will receive e-mails about further free help that they give and maybe the odd promotion about their services.

I have seen this webinar before and it is (from my experiences of watching many 100s of other webinars) one of the very best. It will help you put much more clarity in how you evaluate the marketing and PR that you do, and notably through e-mail and use of social media. It does take place at the end of our working day (6pm) but its value is worth ‘adding some overtime’ and if you do sign up and cannot make it, there will be a replay available on-demand for probably up to 90 days.

CLICK HERE to register


Could your group benefit from a team of 10 volunteers for the day?!

VASA’s Volunteer Centre has been approached by The Co-operative Energy, based in Warwick, which has a team of 10 people looking to do a day’s voluntary work sometime in the coming months.

The team is keen to help a voluntary and community group somewhere in South Warwickshire.  The group would need to provide materials and tools, but in return would have 10 willing and enthusiastic volunteers for the day.

If your voluntary and community group could benefit from this offer, please get in touch with the Volunteer Centre by telephoning 01789 262889, or emailing 

The Volunteer Centre will relay all ideas/projects to the team at Co-operative Energy for it to make the decision on what to go with.


Big Lottery Fund launches free online ‘strength checker’ tool for charities

This is a brand new tool from the Big Lottery Fund which will help you decide how robust you are as a charity, group or club. If you do use it, please let us know what you think?


How to write Mission statement

If you are just starting out – or maybe doing some ‘Spring Cleaning’, this is an in-depth look at how to write a Mission Statement

How to be a better copywriter

Writing perfectly is impossible but we can all try to improve what we do. This is a very good article about ideas to help be as concise but detailed as possible

How not to write too much

The Handy Character Count Guide for Blog Posts, Facebook Pages, all sort of other social media – and web sites

CLICK HERE for this short article which gives research into the word count that works best on lots of different medium


RESEARCH – How to use search like a pro: 10 tips and tricks for Google and beyond

When filling in any funding application or creating your business plans and strategy documents, the more research and the better your investigations, the more likely you are to succeed. This is a very good article with several ‘tricks’ you may well not have heard of.


Many Brands Still Have No Idea How To Use Social Media

Even the biggest and most powerful do not use social media as well as they could. CLICK HERE for some examples of problems 



This is something that I don’t think any I’ve seen any of you try – having a ‘pop-up’ on your web site. This very precise article looks at how using this sort of web technology could make a significant difference to you and your activities

Does Facebook Advertising Work? Facebook has changed significantly over the last few years, evens months, and its ability to target people in even the smallest locality is now proven. This article actually goes through the history of Facebook advertising and looks in detail at its potential. It was used locally just last year by ‘Warwick Rocks’ to bolster their crowdfunding campaign, and with a very small budget. Do take a look.

The Ultimate Guide to Google Analytics

If you don’t already have easy access to the analytics for your web site, please do consider it. When you get there – to what is a detailed ‘dashboard’ – what can you see? This is a very very good guide to how to use this invaluable resource.