This is your monthly Development Support feature. It is ALL NEW links, articles and resources which we hope will be of benefit as you plan for this year’s activities.

If you are looking for any particular advice, please don’t hesitate to call 01789 298 102 or e-mail and do remember that you can find all the past month’s Development Support features on this web site, for more resources.


In response to several requests, we are going to hold two training days next month (April), when in hourly sessions we will cover each of these social media channels. Each session will look at the basics of how to set them up, what sort of content to plan for and develop, and what (mainly free) additional software you can access to help you make the most of your efforts.

The dates – they are up to you bar that they will be on Tuesdays or Thursdays! Please e-mail David with your availability and that does include you being able to bring a ‘team’ as each session will be limited to six people. Pre the event, you’ll get a little bit of preparation ‘homework’ to do and then post the event, you’ll get some feedback and more support.

The first people to ‘apply’ will get their preferred times and dates – we will be looking at offering sessions from 10-11, 11.15-12.15, 2-3, 3.15-4.15 and then 5.30-6.30 – so please e-mail back as soon as you can!

In the meantime, Facebook has just launched a brand new web site to help charities and NFPs make the most from their channel – CLICK HERE  to go to the new site – what do you think?

And this is a step-by-step guide to running an e-mail campaign (if you’re all ready to go) or if you want to know all the KPIs etc you need to knowE-mail is still the best way of contacting people.

For those already working with a Twitter account this is a very good guide about tweeting 

This is a good feature on How to get started on the most popular Social Media Networks – a Quick Guide!



Lots of info about ‘Monthly Giving’ Should you be considering it?

The secret to Fundraising? Tell a story that people really connect with Lots of advice HERE

Want to Guarantee Fundraising Success? 5 Fundamentals for you  (Please let us know how you get on)


Why should you consider repayable finance? Simply because it is one of the ways of moving forwards and achieving your charity’s goals. If you need to purchase a property or you are moving into a new market to build a sustainable income stream, a loan could open the door. It’s suitable for financing ongoing projects – and could allow you to do far more than fundraising alone ever could.

CAF has produced this comprehensive guide to lending called Financing the Future. This is in response to research,which found that 61%* of charities planning to borrow money in the next five years wanted guidance.

Our free guide sets out how charities and organisations just like yours could benefit from accessing repayable finance.

  • Find out how lending could help you to reach your future goals more quickly.
  • Learn how to produce the best business plan to make your case.
  • Discover what potential lenders look for.

CLICK HERE  for more info



Are you re-designing a web site? This is an excellent webinar (free sign-up) to avoid pitfalls 

And this is a good article about web sites & ‘home’ pages 



Would you like to see if you can get a bursary to study at the Open University to develop your skills? CLICK HERE for more info

When looking at your Business and Strategy Plans for this year and into the future, this is a very in-depth look at how the Financial Landscape is changing

This is a Data protection self assessment toolkit from the Information Commissioner’s Office. Use the free toolkit to assess your compliance with the Data Protection Act and find out what you need to do

If you are in any way involved with a Village Hall have you signed up for the WRCC Village Halls newsletter

what you need to know

If you work with individuals this is a wonderful web resource to help someone in financial hardship get welfare, charity grants, support 

Starting a new Charity-Group-Club or know some who is? How to write a Mission Statement

A very good book (free sign-up required) on developing a social media strategy

To find out more about what’s going on in our District – this is the information exchange from our February Voluntary Sector Forum


And finally – but probably most important!



This is an article from the National Lottery giving some very valuable advice on how to complete both their application forms and others – do take a look




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