Whether you have a permanent shop for your Charity – or have (or are considering) a Pop-Up venue – there is a link between having a bricks and mortar presence and the sales you do on-line. Working together, they make the prefect combination.

That there is a significant Charity Shop presence on the High Street – in towns across our District – does provoke some negative responses but sometime those critics have never been in a ‘modern’ charity shop and seen the well-designed displays, met the trained volunteers who know where everything is – and seen the quality (of donations) that many charities now receive. Nor do critics consider how vital a charity shop is to the income of big and small organisations.

The ‘commercial’ retail sector is still battling with what on-line sales are doing to its (past) core business of ‘bricks & mortar’ – yet there is a tie-in that many are now working with, that the two combined make for the happiest customer.

There is no reason why that shouldn’t be the case for you – a charity which has both a High Street Store and does on-line sales. It will take a bit of work – and planning – but if you read this feature from ‘Total Retail’ and are inspired, please call or e-mail VASA and we can provide you with more detail and support.

And if you are considering a Pop-Up, then a mix of on and off line sales and display could make your stock disappear faster than you can say ‘Mary Portas’.

Have a read of this feature – what do you think?