We loan out our donated wheelchairs to the public on short or long term loans. Being mobile is important, especially if you’re sightseeing or generally active. All our wheelchairs are well maintained and we’ll show you how to set them up.

Well Maintained

All our wheelchairs are checked between loans before being sent out again. We ensure that they are safe and clean for the next person and replace or repair those parts that are not.

No Deposit

We don’t expect a deposit, nor do we charge for this service. We’re able to continue to provide this service due to the generous donations we receive from those who use this service. We’d like to keep it that way.

Wide Variety

We have a wide variety of wheelchair sizes for loans to the public. They’ve all been donated to us to help other people, often by the carer of a loved one. We name each wheelchair in memory of their original owner.

“I’d have been lost without this service after breaking my leg. I certainly couldn’t afford my own wheelchair for such a short period of time but it was too long to be without one. Thank goodness for VASA’s wheelchair loans service!

Joan M

“My wife found it hard to get around during her illness so having such a selection of wheelchairs from VASA was really helpful for us. They have a good choice so we could swop them if we needed to when we needed a lighter one. Excellent service!

Jeff B

“We weren’t in Stratford upon Avon for long but I fell and twisted my ankle and broke my wrist. Someone in the hospital told us about the wheelchair loans service and I’m grateful they did. Made all the difference to our stay in the area. We’d certainly recommend it.”

Ralph S

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Loan A Wheelchair?
How Long Can I Hire A Wheelchair For?

We offer wheelchair loans for up to one month at a time.  If you need a wheelchair for longer that’s usually no problem, but we need you to come back into your local office to sign a new agreement.

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