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We support communities in the Stratford District, South Warwickshire by setting up day services, lunch clubs, community activities and events all supported by community transport.  We recruit local volunteers to help manage those services. Tell us what your community needs are.

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We want to know more about what your community needs in terms of services. We can set up lunch clubs, day care and carers groups as well as other activity groups for residents in your area.

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We’re happy to meet you to talk about your community needs and ideas and help you define a way forward. Contact us to arrange a date and time that suits. We’d love to hear your plans.

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Our blog contains a lot of information about events, links, funding tenders, how to documents and other information that could help you find the information you need.

“With advice and guidance from VASA, the club has established a Management Committee, adopted a constitution and developed a strategic plan to 2017. The latter in particular has assisted the club in achieving better focus on how to grow and develop, which as well as continuing the core activity of presenting outstanding live Jazz music on a regular basis in Stratford, we hope will include other activities which will promote Jazz music in the town. Stratford Jazz has also used VASA to provide advice on grants and making applications for funding.” 

Dionne Sambrook

Secretary , Stratford Jazz Club

“Many thanks for being so prompt in responding … Talking to you today has helped to focus my attention to the right approach … I do now have a direction to follow and will make all bids from now on about developing our fundraising capability. I appreciate your help today. I am sure that I will be back to you for more advice … To bring you briefly up to date, I now have almost completed recruitment of a fundraising group. We are going to register as a charity and two of us are working on that.  I have sent out two bids and am investigating a third to try to get transition funding whilst we set it all up and to cover our printing and IT costs. There are a few other small things in plan too. I very much appreciate your help.” 

Bob Sherman

Harbury E-Wheels

I have worked with VASA for over 7 months now and am delighted with the support and guidance they have provided. South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust is developing a Health and Wellbeing Centre at Stratford Hospital; this is new territory for us and we recognise that the success of the Centre relies not just on what we currently provide but how we can use technology in health and wellbeing in the future. VASA have enabled us to think differently about the people we serve, considering innovative ways to design our services that are user led as opposed to IT led. Their knowledge of innovative consumer healthcare will undoubtedly help us improve the user experience of the new Centre when it opens in Spring 2017. Thank you for your ongoing support!

Fiona Langworthy

General Manager, South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust

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