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Our services are for those living Stratford on Avon District, Warwickshire. All of the services we offer are aimed at overcoming isolation and loneliness.

Stratford District is seen as a wealthy locality. The assumption is that the residents here don’t need assistance. Research and our own experience tells us that the district has pockets of severe deprivation and residents who live in isolation.  Rural and social isolation is detrimental to health and wellbeing, particularly in our older residents. It can increase depression which hastens the onset of illnesses such as dementia, high blood pressure and obesity.

These illnesses often lead to increased isolation as residents are less able to connect within their community and do simple things like going shopping or visiting a friend. We worked with Stratford District Council on the development of the Social Inclusion Statement and as a local partner we help pave the way for interventions to ensure that spending in this area achieves real improvements in resident’s lives.

We work with individuals and groups to help identify the services that are needed in our communities and support those who wish to set them up and manage them.

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