Our Wheelchair Loan Scheme is an ever used service across the whole of the District – full details are HERE

If you need a wheelchair for a short period of time you can book one and then pick it up from our offices in Southam and Stratford.

For many people it has been and is an invaluable service and as a ‘Thank You’ they have very kindly donated a chair to us – we now do have more wheelchairs than we can actually hire out at our busiest times.




So we have six wheelchairs who need a permanent home. 

These wheelchairs are for sale and we’ve priced them at £45.00 each. We do look after our wheelchairs and inspect them – repair them – at regular intervals but they will be sold ‘as seen’ and are available to have a look at at our Stratford Offices. All the money raised will go back into the services we provide.


If you would like more info or to arrange to come and see a wheelchair, please e-mail alison.moore@vasa.org.uk