Warwickshire Welfare Rights Advice Service has over 24 years’ experience of providing training on Social Security Benefits/Tax Credits, covering a range of benefits, clientgroups and issues.

It is important to keep up to date in the ever changing arena of welfare rights, with Welfare Reform bringing change to all client groups, and training is how to stay ahead of the game!

We have a number of new or substantially updated courses, including a seminar on Challenging Decisions and single day ‘Older People Maximising Income’ and ‘Working Age Benefits – Basics’ courses.

Please note our new policy towards free places for unpaid volunteers with charitable organisations (see p7 of the application form).

Welfare Rights can be a difficult and dry topic to present, but our trainee evaluations demonstrate that WWRAS offers training that informs but in a lighter style. Each course is backed by comprehensive training notes and is presented by an experienced practitioner who also deals with claimants daily, as well as staffing our adviser Benefit Enquiry Line.

Please download the applciation form from here 2016-TP.docx