About the Scheme

The Warwickshire Local Welfare Scheme commits to support the most vulnerable in our community through commissioning projects that help people develop their life skills and avoid getting into crisis situations.

The Scheme has set aside up to £250,000 to allocate to approved projects provided the budget is not required for the reactive element of the Scheme.  It must be noted that the reactive Scheme, which supports people with immediate or short term provision of food or energy, will always take precedence with respect to funding available for the Scheme.

Messages about healthy eating are well known, but the barriers to implementing them are numerous.  Meal planning and food preparation become additional stresses when families and individuals are on a low income and / or have limited knowledge and skills relating to food. Workers report that parents worry that their children will not eat food that they are unfamiliar with, so they resort to convenience and take away foods to reduce the stress of wasting food, and to be sure that the food will be eaten.  As children do not pick up cooking skills from parents, they have the same problems as they get older. 

Another group identified as being a risk is older people, particularly those caring for their spouse or disabled children, and those living on their own for the first time.  Many have to stop working to care and are on a reduced budget. They may also be unskilled in food preparation as they might never have shopped for food or cooked before.

Applications are invited for projects that will increase knowledge, skills and confidence around growing food, financial literacy related to food, and nutrition and cooking.

Applicants will need to consider the Scheme criteria when completing the form.  The preventative element of Planned Support is commissioning appropriate additional support services, such as sustainable food initiatives, which address issues that are leading to repeat applications being made to the reactive element of the Scheme.  The Scheme can be found on the website. http://www.warwickshire.gov.uk/localwelfarescheme

We will work in partnership with relevant organisations to deliver the impacts and outcomes that will make a difference to people’s lives. 

The Priorities for the Scheme

The Scheme has prioritised 2 key areas for commissioning projects to address these areas of greatest need.  The areas the Scheme has identified as its priorities for the period to March 2015 are:

• Increasing knowledge, skills and confidence with food:  including improving information and advice on meal planning, food preparation and minimising food waste; enabling easy access to resources that can be used to help develop cooking skills and promote healthy eating choices; training to improve food skills and encourage people to make healthier meals

• Improving financial literacy related to food and nutrition:  tackling barriers to accessing affordable, safe and nutritious food, and encouraging access to wider financial support

For more information about the Scheme please open the document attached below.