VASA has been an infrastructure organisation in Stratford upon Avon for decades

Vasa – Voluntary Action Stratford upon Avon District – has been offering infrastructure services to third sector organisations and charitable groups since 1979. Today, the organisation is able to advise, train and support others on how to set up, manage and develop a community led charity or service as well as offer help in developing funding channels or apply for specific funding for projects and services.

“Not all charities have the knowledge on how to secure funding for a project or create awareness of their services in a community. It’s hard to recruit the volunteers that so often form the backbone of charities let alone understand the nuances of the legal and HR aspects of the third sector.”

Jane van Velsen – CEO, VASA

New support centre offers ease of access

Many small and medium sized organisations just don’t have the funding to attend training courses or use contractual services for HR, marketing and volunteer management. As statutory funding becomes harder to secure, charities are having to find other ways to complement their knowledge to ensure that they stay ahead of the game.

VASA’s new support centre offers them ease of access to template documents on policies, hand books, employment contracts and partnership agreements as well as clear articles outlining approaches to marketing awareness and tackling HR issues. The aim is to strengthen communities by enabling volunteering and supporting charitable organisations so that they can develop and deliver sustainable services in Stratford upon Avon District.

“There are a lot of great non profit organisations operating in the district and they run on incredibly tight budgets so often don’t have the funding to access this kind of help. We want to offer support to help create a more sustainable model of socially responsible charities in our District. Offering our knowledge and proven advice is our way of doing that.”

Kirsty Holder – Head of Services, VASA

The increased pressure from cuts in public sector budgets has put this kind of service under tremendous pressure but VASA hope to overcome this by continuing their role in the community with this and other new services.

We’ll be offering a full and varied menu of group training in:

  • Developing a sustainable funding channel
  • Creating awareness through creative marketing
  • How to use social media to target your community
  • Finding the right staff for your project/organisation
  • Writing a perfect funding bid
  • Proving quantative and qualitative outcomes

and many others, supported with one to one training, advice and downloadable online documents and bite sized video training.

If you’d like to know more, contact us here.