The recently formed Warwickshire Third and Public Sector Partnership Group (TPSPG) exists to:

  • Build better relationshipsbetween the public and third sectors across the countyfor the benefit of the people of Warwickshire
  • Create a voice for the third sector and the communities of interest they support
  • Ensure the third sector is an active partner in the strategic development of services that address the changing needs of the community

The group does this by:

  • Working in partnership to identify needs and engage the third sector in the development of strategic planning.
  • Facilitating a constructive working relationship and dialogue between the third sector and commissioners/providers of public, health and social care services. 
  • Working towards a consistent approach when developing the role and capacity of the third sector in the delivery of public, health and social care services.
  • Enabling the public sector to develop its approach to commissioning services including those from the third sector.
  • Identifying and helping develop “new ways of working” between the public and third sectors.
  • Developing a constructive working relationship with strategic partnerships across Warwickshire to influence and inform decision making.
  • Committing to and championing the Warwickshire Compact principles.
  • Commenting on strategic policy and providing guidance and advice that helps to communicate a clear and timely picture of the challenges and opportunities ahead.

The group comprises representatives from the public sector and voluntary sector.

Public sector representatives are from the County Council , the five Borough and District Councils, the three Clinical Commissioning Groups, Public Health and the Police and Crime Commissioner’s office.

Voluntary sector representatives are (s)elected to cover the geography of Warwickshire and a range of community interests.  The current representatives are: