If you’ve not see it yet, the new Stratford Hospital is being built between the present hospital buildings and the Railway Station. It will be completed early in 2017 and on the ground floor there will be a special section set aside to have a Health & Well-Being Centre for the Town & District.

New inbuild

What is – what could be Health & Well-Being Centre for the Hospital?

It could be a place to meet up with local organisations and groups who can help you with all sorts of things – not just when you need support for medical issues – places to go (and for support) to keep healthy, be active, make friends, do new things, learn new skills, meet up … the Development Team have had lots of ideas so far but they’d really like to know what you think!

If you’d like to take part in the Questionnaire CLICK HERE

If you want to see what other communities have done, take a look at these links:

This is Bromley-by-Bow:


 Or closer to us this Maggies in Cheltenham:

Maggies Ch

 Then there is this facility in Exeter – or this one in Eden!

If you’d like to give your input about our centre CLICK HERE



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