The Covenant Fund will have 4 broad funding themes now and in future years. They are: removing barriers to family life; extra support after service for those that need help; measures to integrate military and civilian communities and allow the armed forces community to participate as citizens; and non-core healthcare services for veterans.

The themes will shape the fund, and annual priorities will ensure that it stays focussed and current.  For 2015/16 these priorities will be projects that support:

  • Local armed forces community integration projects.
  • The coordination and delivery of support to the armed forces community.
  • Veterans in the criminal justice system.

To address the priorities, MoD will make funding available for:


  • Small grants up to £20,000, primarily for community integration projects, which will be launched and open to applications in 13 August, with a deadline of 17 September, with the deadline for the second round in October 2015.
  • Large grants up to £500,000, for more strategic, higher impact projects (one round this year) which will also launch on 13 August with a deadline for EoIs of 24 September.


Decisions on both small and large grants will be made by a national panel based on the recommendations of regional panels.


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