A possible opportunity for community groups looking at new or changing their premises and wanting a base in Alcester

Alcester Library are in the process of moving the library from the current building to Globe House next door.  The Library closed to the public on 21 January and will re-open in its new location on 8 February.
After 8 February there will be a temporary occupation of the old premises, until around the end of April, by the Fire Service whilst improvements are carried out to the Fire Station but thereafter it will be vacant.
This clearly leaves the former library building as surplus to the Library and they will be disposing of it in the fairly near future.  WCC are currently seeking fee quotes from agents to deal with the disposal.
The building is fairly substantial extending to around 488 sq m (Gross Internal Area).
If your charity/group/body are interested or are aware of any suitable community users who might wish to acquire the building please contact the WCC contact on the e-mail below. 

WCC have emphasised that any community organisations will need to pay market value for the building to cover the costs of relocating the service to Globe House.
They might look at a lease arrangement but again this will need to be at a market rent.

Please contact ianwilson@warwickshire.gov.uk Senior Surveyor for WCC for full details