If you’ve used our Twitter feed or have clicked through on some of the links from our newsletters, we have given you web pages which have very good advice where there is no ‘sign up’ to access the page or go to a webinar.

On others, such as some links to ‘Funding Central‘, you do have to create an account to actually access the page.

It is a reality of modern marketing that sometimes you can find very good advice and not pay anything – or just have to give your contact details. This happens because a company (or a body) wants to build a relationship with you before it even thinks about ‘making a sale’. They want you to be impressed so that if you don’t actually want to ‘buy’ anything, you will tell other people about what you’ve found and those people will use the content you share, in turn becoming impressed so that they could become customers.

Take this LINK – it’s a book you can download which is an analysis of the uses of Social Media by the Not-for-Profit sector. You could pick up some very good tips on what to do and what not to do.

The link actually comes from an e-mail that was sent to me, your Development & Fundraising Officer. When you clicked on that link, your action was recorded against this unique link. If you now do complete the form (that you have to- if you want to get the e-book), then an additional record will be made. They will have your details!

What you will probably not get is something immediate – such as an e-mail or a telephone call. That may take a couple of weeks and might not happen at all. On the e-book itself could be some links for more info – if you click one of those it could trigger someone contacting you.

If you do receive something that you’re not happy about – even just one e-mail – you can use the ‘unsubscribe’ button at the bottom of it to stop any further communication. This isn’t the same sort of level of ‘aggression’ that some charities have used for their fundraising.

Here’s another LINK – it’s to a webinar (an on-line presentation) about how to run an event, apparently everything you need to know. It is this Thursday and will be around 6pm in the evening. If you can’t make it ‘live’, most webinars are recorded so that you can watch them again when it is more convenient for you (usually for 90 days). 

This LINK is completely free to access – it’s about SEO Myths and Realities for 2016.


This is the world we now live in – that everything we do on the internet produces data and create a ‘chain’ of interaction. If you take a look at the e-book or go to the webinar, please let me know what you think (david.morgan@vasa.org.uk).

If you’ve already used a ‘free’ link, what did you think of the advice and knowledge you gained?