As part of Stratford Town Trust’s campaign to bring Stratford’s best kept secret to the world-wide stage, volunteers are being sought.

This ‘secret’ is a series of incredible wall paintings adorningThe Guild Chapel: medieval artwork of national significance which was covered up under the supervision of Shakespeare’s father in the 16thcentury.

They were uncovered under layers of limewash in the 19thand then 20thcentury and have been described this week as some of the finest surviving murals in the UK by expert conservators.

The Town Trust is launching a campaign to conserve and protect the paintings and showcase them to the world.

As part of this campaign, volunteers are needed to guide and talk to visitors, school groups and the public.  Volunteers will work in pairs and be taught the history of the chapel and its relationship to Shakespeare and his family.

Up to 30 volunteers are needed and they will need to have a friendly, fun personality, able to engage easily with visitors.

In return for their time, volunteers will gain in-depth knowledge about the Chapel and its secrets, interact with a wide range of people, and help to support and preserve an important part of Stratford’s fabric.

For more information or to apply to become a Volunteer Guide please contact the Volunteer Centre by telephoning 01789 262889 or emailing