The results of our rural isolation survey are back!

We’ve been hard at work trying to find out more about what things are important to Stratford on Avon District residents in later life. To find out, we sent out a quick survey and we’re pleased to say that the response has been good.  Most importantly, it’s valuable information that will help us understand more about your needs.

Non profit organisations like ours have to be very careful about the type of services they set up. The more needs based those services are, the more effective the results. VASA is setting up services that help overcome loneliness and isolation and promote independent living and well-being in the locality. These services include community groups like lunch clubs, singing and exercise classes. We also look at the need for increased community transport, carer respite services like day services and support groups. Events are also part of the mix.

We’ve asked people aged 65 plus a few questions and what’s come out of that survey is:

  • 93% of you say that your home is the most important thing to you in later life
  • The main thing that stops you from living a happy and fulfilling life is poor mobility and loss of a spouse/partner
  • 71% feel that it’s their friends and family that help you address the issues you face on a day to day basis
  • The highest need of support is for access to transport with half of you highlighting more about this topic

Rural isolation surveyWe also asked if you would say ‘YES’ to having someone locally based who could provide confidential, practical help, information and advice. The answer was a resounding positive. You told us:

  • “It’s good to know of someone who could help with these issues.”
  • “It would give us support when we need it.”
  • Living alone at 84 is not an easy situation to be in, so yes.”
  • “Sometimes you need one person who knows it all!”
  • “It wold be a one stop contact for information.”

The best quote we received from the survey was:

“Because of my eye sight, this has taken me over a day to read and fill in.”

We thank you all for your patience and dedication to completing our survey about Rural Isolation in the Stratford on Avon District.  We will be analysing need and setting up our new services to respond to your needs.

If you’d like to know more about this survey or our services please email