Evenbreak is a not-for-profit social enterprise and was formed to help disabled people find jobs and careers. They also assist employers with their equality agenda.

They have a job board with vacancies for disabled applicants with inclusive employers. On the job board there are vacancies across the country in a variety of sectors.

John Lewis and Lloyds Bank and other companies place all their jobs with Evenbreak.

The job board can be found at:

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Evenbreak are also offering a series of webinars* run for people with disabilities by people with personal experience  to help job hunting seem less daunting. Job Candidates can join these webinars from home and we are awaiting confirmation that those already shown will be available on-demand.

Webinar details are as follows:

8th June 11am
Gaining Confidence – Have confidence in what you have to offer

14th June 11am
Identifying Your Strengths – You have more skills than you think

21st June 11am
Searching For Jobs – Not all jobs are advertised. Where to look.

29th June 11am
Writing Your CV to Stand Out From the Competition

5th July 11am
Excelling at Interviews

Customers can register for Webinars at:


What is a ‘webinar’?
A webinar is exactly what it sounds like – a seminar that takes place online.  It is interactive and all you need is an internet connection and some headphones or speakers.  Attendees can type in any questions they may have and receive a response in real time.