We had a good meeting with around fifty of our volunteer drivers on Saturday morning.


Volunteer drivers meetingHaving regular meetings with our volunteer drivers is really important to us here at VASA as it’s a time to inform them of changes, update MOT’s, drivers licences and DBS checks.  It’s also a time for team building and catching up with friends.

The volunteer drivers also tell us about problems they might face and we discuss how we can help them overcome issues with clients, parking, paperwork and fees as well as how to make the most of the service we provide. This week’s meeting included a demonstration on how the office volunteers work to accept calls from the public and create a journey for them on the new RoadXS system. It’s of interest to the drivers to understand the process the telephone operators go through to ultimately be able to offer a driver a journey to do for a client.

Kim Walker – transport manager – had a clear powerpoint presentation that outlined the steps that happen from when a client calls in requesting a drive to be booked right up to invoicing of that journey to the client.  A client can be a member of the public, social services, WMAS or mental health organisation or another charity.

We like to meet up with our volunteer drivers as they have such insight on the clients and the issues that they face everyday as drivers. It’s important that the office volunteers understand these issues.

Kim Walker – Transport Manager

Volunteer drivingVolunteer transport is vital in a district where there is a high percentage residents who find it difficult to access public transport and may not be able to drive or to afford to maintain a car of their own.  We know that our client base is predominantly over 60 years old but we do offer community transport for all ages and not just for medical appointments. We offer social inclusion journeys as well as it is having the ability to get and about that helps people manage depression, see a friend or family or just enjoy the bustle of town on a sunny day in Spring.

If you would like to become a volunteer driver please get in touch at volunteer@vasa.org.uk  We can’t wait to meet you!