Who helps you with the issues that you face in later life in Warwickshire?

Over the past two months we’ve sent out surveys to clients who use our volunteer led community transport service to find out about issues that they face in later life in South Warwickshire.

It’s been an eye opener! One of the most interesting facts arising from the survey for us is illustrated below

Voluntary Community Transport ranks higher than the GP Practices and the support of local social groups!

Comments from the respondents about who helps them with the issues they face include:

” My elderly mother who supports me in my various health needs”

“…the family who live next door….”

“….the local lady who hoovers…..”

“….my very good neighbours……”

Transport and getting out and about is a large part of life for everyone. When you are older and house bound due to the lack of accessible, affordable public transport or because you have no support group around of family and friends who can you ask for help?

We also asked them what other support did they feel they needed now. Here’s the result:

VASA research on lonliness in Warwickshire

As you can see, access to transport rated much higher against other needs such as help to claim benefits, accommodation, friends and information and advice. It even outranked ‘someone to talk to’.

Volunteer drivers are often retired people, so they understand the situations people are in. They know that a kind word or little joke with a lonely person makes all the difference in their day – even when they’re on their way to hospital for a serious operation.

Volunteer drivers don’t just drive people to appointments.  They talk to them. They are interested in their lives and experiences. They wait for them for hours sometimes to ensure that they have someone they can rely on to take them to and from appointments when there is no one else.

Here at VASA we talk to older people in the district who have been house bound for years.  Imagine that.  Imagine how it makes them feel.  Then imagine what even more volunteer drivers could do to make life easier for so many more.

We have great ideas about how to increase our volunteer transport service and need your support more than ever now.

If you’d like to help us expand our service you can donate here or get in touch to find out how you can help alleviate loneliness and isolation in our county.