Every year we have people approach us wanting to volunteer specifically over the festive period.  These tend to be people who for reasons of work or other personal commitment cannot volunteer at other times of the year….“The Christmas Shutdown Effect”.  We’ve noticed an early surge in enquiries this year: usually the enquiries come at the very end of November and the first two weeks of December.

We really want to help these people find somewhere to volunteer, but the number of opportunities (roles) we currently have on our books that are festive period specific is very small: we have around 500 opportunities on our books and maybe 3 are specific to Christmas and the New Year.

So….the purpose of this website post is to ask if you have a need for additional help at the end of December.  We get enquiries from people all over Stratford District, and well beyond, but many of the people are Stratford based and want to volunteer in the town.

I’d like to put a list of suitable opportunities together to hand out to interested people.  Taking it further, if we had enough opportunities then we would proactively market these through our usual volunteer recruitment channels {websites, newspapers, social media etc.}.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions….and ideally if you have a need for additional help over Christmas and New Year.  We can’t promise to provide this additional help, but we’ll certainly try.

Best wishes



Charles Barlow

Lead Officer 

Phone: 01789 262889

Email: charles.barlow@vasa.org.uk