Voluntary Role – Agencies Coordinator

I am in the process of looking for someone who could help me in the role as our Agencies Coordinator. The role has been undertaken by Sue Green who manages Citizens’ Advice in Stratford – but after a number of years in the role she is now stepping down.

This is a fantastic role to take on as it will link you into many community groups in our town and you will be making a significant contribution in helping the Foodbank become even more effective at helping those in crisis.

Essentially this is an administration role – although there is always more that could be done depending on time and inclination. The role can be done in your own time and requires that you have use of a computer and possibly a printer (the Foodbank would reimburse you for any ink or paper used) being able to drive would be useful but not essential

Full training would be provided by Sue and myself and the volunteer would only need to take on as much as they felt comfortable with. I would think that you would need to allocate 2- 3 hours a week which could be worked in your time and at your own pace.

The types of things you might get involved in would include:

  • Issuing an agencies handbook and collating registration forms.
  • Updating the Foodbank Agencies Handbook when necessary.
  • Assisting the Foodbank Manager with organising training sessions events for referral agencies to ensure they have a comprehensive understanding of how the Foodbank works
  • Distributing vouchers to referral agencies
  • Communicating any changes to Foodbank services to agencies in a timely fashion
  • Encouraging food and financial donations from referral agencies where appropriate
  • Monitoring vouchers use by agencies, as well as how many vouchers are fulfilled, to identify where additional support or training may be required
  • Liaising with referral agencies when there are concerns to address regarding the vouchers completed by an agency, or where a client requires additional support (in conjunction with the Distribution Centre Team Leaders)
  • Maintaining an up-to-date contact list of referral agencies (in conjunction with the Foodbank Manager)
  • Encouraging referral agencies to give information about their services to the Foodbank Centre for volunteers to use when signposting clients
  • Sending out and collating referral agency feedback forms

All this is undertaken in partnership and with the full support of the Foodbank Manager

Please email your interest toinfo@stratforduponavon.foodbank.org.uk– or call Marion Homer Foodbank Manager on 07736 611323