Could you be a Digital Champion?A number of communities across the District have been successful with applications for grants from Stratford District Council for helping with Digital Inclusion.

The funding is there to help people who don’t have or very rarely use computers or smartphones to make those first tentative steps and then to grow in confidence. If you are (or become) ‘connected’ you can save a lot of money on day to day living expenses , find work easier, make the most of being able to contact doctors surgeries and the like – and even things like learning when you can rather than having to set aside time to travel to a college etc.

They will have free access to both to try and each community has arranged support to help people ‘connect’ but there is a need for some real ‘expertise’ in all things digital.

Some have never tried a computer because they can’t afford one – or are frightened because of what they have heard about viruses and banking scams. The same fears are there about the cost of a mobile phone – a smartphone in particular – and the negative sides of social media.

And web sites are changing in design – becoming much more based on the ‘user experience’ rather than the process that a site owner would like visitors to follow. They work much better on smartphones than they ever did (often better than on a desk or laptop).There will be opportunities to help here in Stratford as well as the north and south of our District.

They will be volunteering opportunities but there could well be petrol expenses available for if you have to travel.

If you are interested we’d really like to meet you.

You won’t be an ‘instructor’ but much more a expert teacher – people won’t come trying to join a computer class but much more they will ask –How do I get my shopping delivered?

How do I Skype my friends?
I need an e-mail account to pay my bills?
Where do I find job sites – what do I do when I’m there?
How can I use a mobile phone to book an appointment at the Doctors – how do I set up the phone so that I can actually use it because the one’s I’ve seen the numbers and the letters are too small?

Early in 2016 we will be holding an ‘Open Evening’ – could you be the Champion that we are looking for?

This will be ‘project’ work much more than a continuous position. We’d like you to be able to pass on your skills and knowledge to the people in each community who are going to support their residents who come and ask for help.  

Please e-mail with some contact details.  

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