VASA have now started managing their community transport with Road XS, a new Community Transport Software deveoped by OJE.

In moving to Road XS, it will allow us to manage our community transport services online and handle passenger data more efficiently.  We will also be able to allocate drivers more effectively thank to the driver look-up feature which lists the closest drivers to the passeger.

The software automatically generates estimated fees and pick-up times for passengers as well so we can better inform them of pick-up times and costs.  The software has also increased the speed at which we can create journeys.  For the first time we are also able to see passengers journeys on an interactive map as well.

Another big benefit of Road XS are the automatically generated reports.  We will be able to discover which are the most popular destinations, how many miles a pasenger has travelled with us, how many journeys occured in a particular area and more.  The software even includes a live departure board so we can see what journeys are happening each day at a click of a button!  We used to have to manually write this information down each day but now no longer, whcih means we can concentrate on getting you where you need to be.

In the near future the softwre will also be able to handle multiple passengers per vehicle which will greatly help us with our social inclusion journeys.  The best part about the software is it just so easy to use that we have picked up how to use it in no time at all.  The more we use Road XS the better it will get as OJE provide us with their cloud refresh service.

We already know this new software will greatly enhance our services and we are already thoroughly enjoying using it.  It has also enabled us to go completely paperless in the office meaning we don’t have to write anything down and risk losing bits of paper.  The other benefit of this is each volunteer can pick up from where the other one left off creating a seamless operation.