Just back from a day in Dunchurch (and it was a full day!) at the 2016 TAPSPG Conference which brings together local groups, charities, support organisations – through to the local and regional Public Sector bodies (such as WCC and SDC) – all part of how the Third and Public Sector Partnership Group is working to change (for the better!) how everyone works together.

The TAPSPG Group is all about collaboration (as close as possible) to support stronger and more resilient communities in what are challenging times.

The Guest Speaker and host of one of the Master Classes that took place in the afternoon was Cormac Russell. Cormac is a very gifted presenter – actually a story-teller – so his presentation on ‘Shifting from what is Wrong to what is Strong’ was excellent and his Masterclass even better.

If you want to know more about his work, try any of these links:




This is the page on the WCC web site which introduces the work of the TAPSPG group –


and if you want to know more, do contact any of your WCC Locality Officers.

The other Masterclasses (both excellent) were on Measuring Impact and Safeguarding.

All in all – a very good and full day!

As soon as preseentation slides are available, we will post them!


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